This British series is one of the rare, lost gems of the 1970’s. Audiences in America probably only remember these episodes as late night movies rather than part of a series. Which is too bad. This is one series (much like Kolchak: The Night Stalker) that deserves to be released in a DVD box set. *HINT, HINT!!!!*

An excellent site to research this series is at...

Here’s the ones which stuck most in my mind. (Please note that I haven’t seen many of these for well over two decades. Reminded only by the episode guide.)...

Lady Killer - A must for fans of Robert Powell (of Harlequin (aka Dark Forces) fame).

An Echo Of Theresa - I keep being reminded of Alec Guinness in Tinker Tailor, Soldier, Spy when I think of this episode.

The Eyes Have It - Some people may compare this to the story from the Tales from the Crypt movie and the subsequent Crypt episode 70 Revenge Is the Nuts. This episode is on par with the movie version. (And yes, that’s a good thing.)

Only A Scream Away - Geeze...Gary Collins? Who would have thought.

A Coffin For The Bride - This is the episode I remember the most! If you see any episode, see this one! Early Helen Miren performance. (Best known for her role in Prime Suspect, she gave an excellent performance in the movie Gosford Park.)

Death to Sister Mary - Another Robert Powell episode. Maybe it was just me, but I always mistakenly thought this was a pilot episode for a possible series.

Killer In Every Corner - Excellent! In my opinion, the second best in the series.

The Next Voice You See - Another superb story which’ll keep you guessing.