This page is divided into three sections. As time goes by I’ll hopefully be able to migrate them to their own section of the site. By doing things this way, I’ll be able to get information out to all of you quicker. Otherwise, it might be a longer period of time between updates. Now, we wouldn’t want that,would we?

Section One: Shows which I’m currently gathering information on. This probably means I haven’t seen enough of the shows yet to review them.

Section Two: Shows which are next to research. If you know of any good sources of information on these series then please let me know.

Second Three: A VERY long list of programs I’ll probably never get to. Either they’re too old, too obscure or just haven’t caught my eye enough to move them up.

Section One

Both of these are pretty ambitious programs. Adolescent horror shows which don’t talk down to their viewers. The characters even solved their own problems with hardly any adult supervision. (Before correcting me I said ‘supervision’ not ‘guidance’)

Are You Afraid of The Dark? - This Nickelodeon series wasn’t stingy when it came to special effects. Very well done. If your child seems interested in fantasy and horror stories this is a perfect series to introduce them to.

Goosebumps - Syndicated spooks abound in this series which seemed to be geared toward the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers generation.

Gun - The concept of this show was pretty simple. Take a gun and each week show the hands it passes through. Some critics liked this show. Some parents groups didn’t. Guess which side won out?

Deadman’s Gun - Interesting. While Gun didn’t really get off the firing range Deadman’s Gun had a small cult following. The difference? This series had supernatural overtones to it which probably made it a little more acceptable. (Sort of the real violence versus fake violence argument) And in case you’re wondering...yes, they did do an episode where you find out who the original owner was.

Darkroom - Only seven episodes. The phrase ‘half a chance’ doesn’t seem to even apply to this series. Veteran actor James Coburn does a great job as host. Unfortunately, someone said they made a movie version of some of the episodes and they cut his part out. (It was a voiceover rather than an appearance.)

Desilu Playhouse
The Night The Phone Rang - Eddie Albert is excellent in this story of an immigrant who is given a choice...kill someone or they’ll kill his wife.

The Time Element - Considered the unofficial pilot for The Twilight Zone. The series had much better stories but even this episode had the Serling spark in it.

K.O. Kitty - Lucille Ball plays a woman who thinks she has inherited a dog. She then finds out she’s really getting a different kind of boxer. (Played by veteran actor Aldo Ray.) Ball practicing at the gym his hilarious.

Freddy’s Nightmares - The show which single handily crushed horror off the airwaves. This gory series was hosted by Robert England and only one episode had any connection to the movie series. The other episodes were a hodgepodge of blood, guts, and teen hormones. For 80’s conservatives this show crossed the line and it was canceled.

[A very unhappy side note to it’s cancellation was the fact that it drug Friday the13th: The Series down with it. Organizations which rallied against Freddy made the wrong assumption that FT13:TS was also based on the movie franchise. (Which it wasn’t). In fact, I remember seeing many, many, interviews where they made mention of Freddy and Jason slashing helpless teens every week. Which, if you saw either series, you’d know just wasn’t true. Proof positive that some people just didn’t know what they were bitching about.]

In Search Of... - This series was a ray of light in a sea of skepticism during the 1970’s. Back then there was a resurgence of interest in unexplained phenomena. Instead of putting out a schlocky tabloid series, the producers took a more enlightened and documentarian type of stance with In Search Of... Scholars and historians took both sides of an issue. Fact and legends were given equal time and equal respect. Leonard Nimoy expertly hosted and gave the show an air of credibility.

But there's still one question...where’s the Crystal Skull episode?

Quinn Martin’s Tales of the Unexpected - Any information on this series would be appreciated. The pilot was one of those episodes I remember seeing when growing up. But, for some reason, I can’t find any info on any other episodes. The opening credits were reminiscent of Circle of Fear.

Red Shoes Diaries - Sexy, sensuous and voiceovers that could melt butter. Yeah, this SHOWTIME series is much more adult and not really science fiction/fantasy/horror related. And yes there’s a lot of nudity. Did I forget to mention the bad language? Okay, so why is this series listed? Because the cinematography and storytelling are excellent. Hosted by David Duchovny of The X-Files fame, each story has camera angles other shows would kill for. (And I’m not talking about the sex scenes.) If you like Zahlman King’s work also check out the movie In God’s Hands.

Section Two

Boris Karloff's Thriller
Evil Touch
Ghost Stories
Great Ghost Stories
Grim Tales
Hammer House of Horror
Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense
The Hitchhikers
Journey Into The Unknown
Kurt Vonnegut’s Monkey House
Lights Out
Love American Style
One Step Beyond
Out There
Science Fiction Theatre
Starring Boris Karloff
Strange Frequency
Suspense Theatre
Tales of Tomorrow
Time Express

Section Three

ABC Dramatic Shorts
ABC Television Players
ABC Tele-Players
ABC Penthouse Players
Academy Theatre
Action Tonight
Actors Studio
Adorn Playhouse
Adventure Theater
Alcoa Hour
Alcoa Premiere
Alcoa Presents
Alcoa Theatre
Appointment with Adventure
Armstrong by Request
Armstrong Circle Theatre
Assignment Foreign Legion
Barbara Stanwyck Show
Best in Mystery
Best of Broadway
Big Story
Bigelow Theatre
Billy Rose Show
Bob Hopes Presents The Chrysler Theatre
Buick Action Theater
Cameo Theatre
Campbell Playhouse aka Campbell Soundstage
Cavalcade of America
Cavalier Theatre
Celanese Theatre
Center Stage
Chesterfield Presents
Chevrolet Tele-Theatre
Chevy Mystery Show
Chicken Soup For The Soul
Cloak of Mystery
Clorets Summer Theatre
Colgate Theatre
Colgate Western Theatre
Cosmopolitan Theatre
Cowboy Theatre
Crime Syndicated
Curtain Call
Damon Runyon Theatre
Dark of Night
David Niven Show
Death Valley Days
Dick Powell Show
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater
The Doctor
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents
Drama at Eight
Dumont Royal Theater
Dupont Show with June Allyson
Elgin TV Hour
Encore Theatre
Escape (1950)
Escape (1973)
Eye Witness
F.B.I. The Untold Stories
Face of Danger
Fairy Tale Theatre
Family Classics
Favorite Story
Festival Anthology
Fireside Arena Theatre
Fireside Theatre
Footlights Theater
Ford Theatre
Four Star Playhouse
Frigidaire Summer Theater
Front Row Center
Frontier Justice
Gas Company Playhouse
General Electric Summer Originals
General Electric Theater
General Electric True
George Burns Comedy Week
George Sanders Mystery Theater
Gold Seal Playhouse
Goodyear TV Playhouse
The Great Adventure
Great Ghost Stories
Gruen Playhouse
Gulf Playhouse: 1st Person
Hallmark Summer Theatre
Hands of Mystery
Hollywood Opening Night
Hollywood Summer Theatre
Johnson's Wax Theatre
Joseph Cotten Show
Joseph Schildkraut Presents
Kaiser Aluminum Hour
Key Club Playhouse
Kleenex Summer Theatre
Kodak Request Performance
Kraft Mystery Theatre aka Crisis
Kraft Suspense Theater
Kraft Television Theatre
Lloyd Bridges Show
Loretta Young Show
Love Story
Lux Playhouse
Lux Video Theatre
Magnovox Theater
The Mail Story
Man Behind The Badge
Masterpiece Playhouse
Medallion Theater
Medical Story
The Millionaire
Mr. Black
Mr. Citizen
Moment Of Decision
Moment Of Fear
Monday Theatre
Motorola TV Theatre
My True Story
NBC Action Playhouse
NBC Adventure Theatre
NBC Comedy Playhouse
NBC Comedy Theatre
NBC Playhouse
NBC Reperatory Theatre
Nash Airflyte Theater
Navy Log
Newsstand Theatre
Night Editor
Nine Thirty Curtain
No Warning
Oboler Comedy Theatre
Oldsmobile Music Theatre
Once Upon A Tune
Opening Night
Pall Mall Playhouse
Pentagon U.S.A.
Personal Appearance
Personal Appearance Theater
Philco TV Playhouse
Philip Morris Playhouse
The Playhouse
Playhouse 90
Playhouse Of Mystery
Playhouse Of Stars
Police Story (1952)
Police Story (1973)
Ponds Theater
Pontiac Presents Playwright 56
Preview Tonight
Producer's Choice
Producer's Showcase
Prudential Family Playhouse
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
Purex Summer Specials
Revlon Mirror Theatre
Richard Boone Show
Room For Romance
S.R.O. Playhouse
Saturday Roundup
Scene Of The Crime (1985)
Scene Of The Crime (1991)
Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars
Scotland Yard
Screen Directors Playhouse
Shirley Temple's Storybook
Short Short Dramas
Short Story Playhouse
Show For A Summer Evening
Showcase Theater
Silent Service
Silver Theater
Soap Box Theatre
Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
Sports Camera
Spotlight Playhouse
Stage 7
Stage 13
Star Stage
Star Time Playhosue
Star Tonight
Starlight Theatre
Stars In Action
Stars Over Hollywood
Studio 57
Studio One
Summer Fun
Summer Night Theater
Summer Playhouse
Summer Sports Spectacular
Sure As Fate
Suspense Playhouse
TV Dramatic Anthology
Tales of ESP
Telephone Time
Television Playhouse
Theater Time
Top Plays Of 1954
The Trap
Turning Point
20th Century-Fox Hour
Twilight Theatre (1956)
U.S. Steel Hour
Vacation Playhouse
Viceroy Star Theatre
Volume One
Walt Disney
Walter Winchell File
Way Out
The Web
West Point Story
Westinghouse Preview Theatre
What Really Happened To The Class Of '65?
Willys Theatre Presenting Pen Hecht's Tales of The City
The Witness
Your Prize Story
Your Show Time
Your Story Theatre