A nice set of stories from a great author. Unlike many series which take liberties when they adopt literary works, most of these episodes do the source material justice. And since they are Bradbury stories, they’re safe for younger viewers. (But to be perfectly honest, the radio productions of his works are 10x better.)

06 Banshee - Great chiller starring Peter O’Toole who thinks he’s making fun of Charles Martin Smith. The jokes on him.

35 Usher II - Patrick Macnee’s latest creation is scrutinized by government officials. Ah, you gotta love bureaucrats.

44 Zero Hour - Kids will be kids.

49 Let’s Play Poison - Geeze, this story is morbid. Where’s the PTA when you need them?

54 The Anthem Sprinters - Strange little story that sticks in the mind. Just shows you what good writing can do.

60 Downwind From Gettysburg - Another story that’s well worth remembering.