This ambitious series which was original shown on FOX looked like a real winner. Nice stories, nice effects...lasted 9 episodes. *looking upward saying, “Why?” Well, one of the reasons may have been Henry Rollins as the host. Don’t get me wrong...he’s a great singer, gives a great interview, but he’s just too wooden in his delivery. (History may be repeating itself with Forest Whiteaker as the host of The Twilight Zone (2002).)

To my knowledge, the Sci-Fi Channel showed all the previously broadcasted episodes and the six unaired episodes edited as the movie Shadow Realm. (Which included three of the better stories.) Some of the better episodes were...

04 Renovation - Gil Bellows plays a man who starts seeing visions after moving into a new house. A truly surprising ending.

09 Rest Stop - Creepy ending with one of the best closing lines you’ll ever hear.

15 Bitter Harvest - Jack Palance makes sure a young boy pays for his crime.

16 My So Called Life and Death - Interesting story of a girl who just wants to be happy.

24 Switch - Another very good story for all you fans of psychoanalysis.

25 Patterns - Great story! You can’t help but smile at Malcolm McDowell’s last line.