20. Graveyard Shift
Written by Mann Rubin
Starring: Patty Duke Astin, John Astin
Special Cameo Appearance by William Castle
Also Starring: Joe Renteria, Donald Barry, Paul Picerni, Doug Hendeson, Royce Wallace
Royal Warlocks: Anthony Eldridge, Eric Gethers, Skip Riley, Roger Garrett, John D. Garfield
Featuring: I. Standford Jolley, Hal Bokar, Mathias Reitz,Jim Boles, Allen Jaffe

A security guard at a soon to be demolished film studio discovers the ‘residence’ want his wife to make a choice. William Castle’s little speech about the scarlet cinema is interesting. It’s too bad Castle didn’t use more of his own creations in this episode.

[Ending: Did anyone find something strange about it? I swear there was a certain body movement which someone made which seemed more ominous than the music indicated.]

Patty Duke Astin: The youngest person to ever have a television show bear her name, also appeared in an episode of Journey To The Unknown, Wide World of Mystery, and a classic story from the Night Gallery. Most people may notice her snide attitude on Night Gallery reminiscent of her performance in Valley Of The Dolls. But many people may not realize she’s the mother of actors Sean and Mackenzie Astin. And that she auditioned for the role of Captain Janeway on the series Star Trek: Voyager.

John Astin: Appeared in three episodes of Night Gallery and directing three others as well as an episode of The Twilight Zone (1959) and Tales From The Crypt. Most will remember him as Gomez Addams from The Addams Family. Oh yeah, he was really married to Patty Duke at the time this episode was filmed.

Paul Picerni: Can also be seen in an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and the Vincent Price movie House Of Wax.

Doug Hendeson: Also was in two episodes of Science Fiction Theater, an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and three episodes of The Outer Limits (1963). He also had an uncredited role in The War Of The Worlds.

John D. Garfield (aka David Garfield): Son of legendary actor John Garfield, he was assistant editor for the film Damien: Omen II. You can also get a glimpse of him in the honorably mentioned film The Swimmer.

I. Standford Jolley: Appeared in two episodes of Kraft Suspense Theater. But that’s just a drop in the bucket. IMDB has him listed in a whopping 268 movies! That has to be some kind of record!

Hal Bokar: Was in two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Hour and one episode of The Outer Limits.

Jim Boles: Can be seen in three episodes of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, two episodes of The Twilight Zone (1959), and two episodes of Night Gallery.

Allen Jaffe: Appeared in the classic episode “Soldier” from The Outer Limits (1963)

21. Spare Parts
Teleplay by Jimmy Sangster, and Seeleg Lester
Story by Paule Mason and Seeleg Lester
Starring: Susan Oliver, Christopher Connelly, Don Knight, Meg Foster, Alex Rocco
Special Guest Star: Rick Lenz
Also Starring: Barbara Stuart, lee Kroeger, Larry J. Blake

After a transplant surgeon’s death, his organs are distributed between three people. Now the patients have a little surprise for the surgeon’s wife. Great acting all around. But you have to admit, it has the stupidest ending line.

Susan Oliver: One of the most recognizable 70’s actresses. Was in an episode of The Twilight Zone (1959), Thriller, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Suspicion, Night Gallery, and even Freddy’s Nightmares. Was in the original Star Trek pilot and directed for shows like M*A*S*H.

Christopher Connelly: Was also in an episode of Night Gallery and the mini-series The Martian Chronicles.

Don Knight: Appeared in an episode of Night Gallery.

Meg Foster: Also appeared in the episode “At The Cradle Foot”.

Alex Rocco: On the silver screen he’s best known as Moe Green in The Godfather. On the television screen he’s probably best known as Joe Polniaczek’s father on The Facts Of Life.

Barbara Stuart: Was in an episode of The Twilight Zone. But most people remember her as Bunny Wilson on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C..

Larry J. Blake: Appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and the movie Demon Seed.

22. The Ghost of Potter’s Field
Written by
Bill S. Ballinger
Starring: Tab Hunter, Louise Sorel, Gary Conway, Pat Harrington
Guest Starring: Robert Mandan, Paul Winchell, Phillip Pine, Myron Healey, William Boyett, Darwin Joston, Joe Petrullo

A man’s doppelganger tries to take over his life. Maybe it’s just me, but Hunter’s performance is as wooden as the tombstones.

[GOOF: Not a very realistic gas explosion.]

Bill S. Ballinger: Also wrote the Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode “Primal Scream”

Tab Hunter: Also appeared in the goofie horror spoof Pandemonium.

Louise Sorel: Was in two episodes of Night Gallery.

Gary Conway: Was the lead in I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

Pat Harrington: Appeared in one episode each of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955), Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and Ray Bradbury Theatre. Mainly known for his writing/acting on the series One Day At A Time. But most don’t know he was also the voice of Inspector Clouseau in the cartoon series The Pink Panther Show.

Robert Mandan: Also appeared in the episode “Summer House”

Paul Winchell: Is probably best known as the voice of Tigger in Winnie The Pooh.

Phillip Pine: Appeared in two episodes of The Twilight Zone, and one episode each of Science Fiction Theater, One Step Beyond, and The Outer Limits.

Myron Healey: Was in three episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and the V mini-series.

William Boyett: Also was in two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour, and an episode each of The Outer Limits and Amazing Stories. Was uncredited in the movie Forbidden Planet.

Darwin Joston: Played the coroner in The Fog. (The characters name was Dr. Phibes and was a tribute to the Vincent Price movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes.)

23. The Phantom of Herald Square
Teleplay by:
Seeleg Lester and Jimmy Sangster
Story by: Seeleg Lester and Ed De Blasio
Starring: David Soul, Sheila Larken, Murray Matheson
Special Guest Star: Victory Jory
Also Starring: Meg Wyllie, Dennis Lee Smith, Judie Stein

A man is pressured into keeping a unique business arrangement which forces him to enlist the company of an art student. Shortly after they meet, an old man begins to harass her. Excellent casting. Very realistic physically connection between the young and old man.

[GOOF: The clocks in the office don’t always sync with what’s going on. This probably means that they work but different scenes were pieced together at different times.]

David Soul: Appeared in an episode of The Hitchhiker and Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985). Mainly known for his role in Starsky and Hutch. And yes that is him singing in the background.

Sheila Larken: Was also in “Elegy For A Vampire”. Also was in an episode of Starsky and Hutch with. Most recently, she was known for playing the mother of Dana Scully on The X-Files.

Murray Matheson: Appeared in four episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour, two episodes of Thriller, and an episode each of One Step Beyond, The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and Kolchak: The Night Stalker. His last movie appearance was in Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Victory Jory: Was in an episode each of Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Kraft Suspense Theatre, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and Tales of Tomorrow. He was also in an episode of Banacek which starred Murray Matheson.

Meg Wyllie: Appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone. But she’s mainly known in sci-fi circles as The Keeper in the original Star Trek pilot. Most recently she was known as Aunt Lolly Stemple on Mad About You.