08. Half a Death
Written by
Henry Slesar
Starring: Pamela Franklin, Signe Hasso, Stephen Brooks, Andrew Duggan, Eleanor Parker
Also starring:Taylor Lacher, Tod Andrews, Louis Quinn

A woman comes back after her fathers death and starts asking questions about her twin sister’s untimely demise. Mainly because the deceased twin keeps coming back. The usual haunting fare. Franklin gives good fright.

Henry Slesar: Has written for Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour, Tales of the Unexpected, and the (1959) and (1985) versions of The Twilight Zone.

Pamela Franklin: Appeared in an episode of Thriller as well as the movies The Legend of Hell House, Satan’s School for Girls, and a honorably mentioned movie “The Letters”.

Signe Hasso: Appeared one episode each of Suspense, The Outer Limits, and Darkroom.

Andrew Duggan: Can be seen in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Lights Out. But most will remember him as the original John Walton on The Homecoming: A Christmas story. His last movie roll was as the head vampire in the movie A Return to Salem’s Lot.

Tod Andrews: Was in two episodes of Suspense and an episode of The Twlight Zone. He also played Skipper in Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Louis Quinn: Also appeared in an episode of Tales from the Darkside.

09. House of Evil
Written by
Robert Block
Starring: Melvyn Douglas, Mildred Dunnock, Joan Hotchkis, Richard Mulligan
Also starring: Jody Foster, Alan Fudge, Brad Savage

Grandpa comes for a visit bearing presents. But the most surprising gift is given to a deaf-mute little girl...the ability to hear his thoughts. Just like in ‘Alter-Ego’, this episode uses the sets from the classic television program Bewitched. Both used almost every area of the house. Even the outside! I think this is one of the most beloved episodes. Foster is so innocent...her grandfather so wicked and loving. Something has got to give.

Robert Bloch: Wrote for Boris Karloff’s Thriller, Star Trek, Journey to the Unknown, Night Gallery, Dark Room and Tales from the Unexpected. His work was also used for the anthology movie Asylum.

Melvyn Douglas: Also appeared in the two excellent movies Ghost Story and The Changling.

Mildred Dunnock: Appeared in four episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour, and one episode each of Suspense and Thriller.

Jody Foster: Best known for her role in Silence of the Lambs. But most people don't know that she directed the excellent episode "Do Not Open This Box" from the series Tales From The Darkside.

Richard Mulligan: Was in two episodes of The Twilight Zone (1985). Also appeared in the 70’s comedy Soap. As Burt Campbell, he thought he was abducted by aliens and could turn himself invisible.

Alan Fudge: Appeared in an episode each of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Brad Savage: Can also be seen in Salem’s Lot

10. Cry of the Cat
Written by
William Bast
Starring: Doug McClure, Lauri Peters, Mariette Hartley, Jackie Cooper
Also starring: Donald Barry, Clint Ritchie

There's a killer on the loose. But is it feline, female, or both? Ack. Okay, double ack. This one just sits there. Probably the weakest episode of the series. Doesn’t tread any new ground. Though it is nice to see Jackie Cooper in anything.

William Bast: Worked on The Outer Limits and was producer of Tucker’s Witch.

Doug McClure: Appeared in an episode each of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Mariette Hartley: Appeared in an episode of the original Star Trek and The Twilight Zone.

Jackie Cooper: This vetern actor appeared in four episodes of Suspense and an episode of The Twilight Zone. He’s probably mostly remembered nowadays as Perry White from the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.

11. Elegy for a Vampire
Teleplay by
Mark Weingart
Based Upon The Story “Pendergast” by Elizabeth Walter
Starring: Hal Linden, Marlyn Mason, Mike Farrell, Arthur O’Connell
Also starring: Sheila Larken, John Milford, Susan Foster, Patricia Eltinge, Heather North

A college is trying to stop a killer. But are they letting the wolf guard the hen house? Doesn’t really do the original story justice. Maybe it’s because I’m too used to see Hal Linden as Barney Miller.

Elizabeth Walter: Also wrote the story “A Fear of Spiders” for Night Gallery.

Hal Linden: Also appeared in an episode of Ray Bradbury Theatre.

Marlyn Mason: Can also be seen in an episode of Tales of the Unexpected.

Mike Farrell: Best know as BJ Hunnicut on M*A*S*H*, he also appeared in the excellent movies The Questor Tapes and Vanishing Act.

Sheila Larken: Also appeared in “The Phantom of Herald Square” an an episode of The X-Files.

John Milford: Appeared in an episode of the original series The Outer Limits.

Heather North: Probably best known as the voice of Daphne in the cartoon Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!