Tales from the Darkside
I think this series caught a lot of people by surprise. Low budget, yes. High quality, definitely. This canadian production (based on the Stephen King movie Creepshow) kept the gore down and the story quality up. Cult icon Tom Savini supplied the special effects make-up which complimented the stories rather than distract from them. (Which, unfortunately, is what usually happens with low budget productions.) Add on a fine cast of actors who used this series as a way to break into the american market and you’ve got a cult hit on your hands.

Two years after the series ended a theatrical movie was made based on the series. A wrap-around story starring Debrah Harry outshine the three main tales. Unfortunately, just like The Twilight Zone movie, it wasn’t as good as many would have hoped. But then again, how many movie critics actually saw even one episode of the series? Some of the better stories include...

03 I’ll Give You A Million - Keenan Wynn pays George Petrie for his soul. Unfortunately, Wynn doesn’t realize someone sooner or later is going to collect.

06 Mookie and Pookie - A sick young computer expert dies and his sister is positive there’s a ghost in the machine. Early Justine Bateman appearance.

13 In The Cards - Dorothy Lyman plays a fortune teller whose cards are telling her more than she wants. Well played with some nicely used sound effects.

14 Anniversary Dinner - Alice Ghostly (of Bewitched and Designing Women fame) and Mario Roccuzzo are celebrating many years of blissful marriage. Will a stranger be welcome at their special dinner? Nicely done. What could have been an episode gone overboard was kept low key.

44 A Choice of Dreams - Abe Vigoda plays a crime boss who’s dying from an illness. Is a mysterious doctor’s offer of eternal peace sincere?

46 The Unhappy Medium - A televangelist’s last will and testimate is highly sought by his wife. But is this last will going to be his last word? Who would have thought always smiling Connie Stevens could play such a bitch.

49 The Circus - A reporter wants to do a story on a very unique circus. The circus owner is more than willing to tell him everything he wants to know. Be careful what you wish for. William Hickey is great as the aging showman and appeared in the Tales from the Darkside movie.

50 I Can’t Help Saying Goodby - Best episode of the series! A young girl’s visions of the future frighten all around her. Well played with one of the most chilling endings you’ll ever see!

59 Season of Belief - E.G. Marshall and Margarette Klenck tell her children a Christmas tale of a mythical beast which comes when you call its name. (Shades of Candyman.) The children get scared, the parents laugh. True, it isn’t hard to figure out what’s going to happen next. But you will be surprised when you see the impressive special effects.

74. The Moth - Interesting story starring Deborah Harry who also appeared in the Tales from the Darkside movie. Jane Manning wonders if her daughter, played by Harry, is trying to cheat fate by using witchcraft.

81 Love Hungry - Sharon Madden expertly plays an overweight woman who tries to take control of her life...and her eating. It’ll be difficult not to cringe at the end.

85 Do Not Open This Box - A couple get a package delivered to them by mistake. The delivery man wants it back...now.

87 Going Native - If you’re into psychoanalysis you’ll love this story of an alien who tries to understand what it is to be human. A serious story which is very well done.

What can I say, lightning struck twice. Just like the producers other program Tales from the Darkside, Monsters offered a good story without going overboard with unneeded distractions. (You know...sex, blood, and rock and roll. No, wait...that last one isn’t right...)

30 The Farmer’s Daughter - Excellent horror story about the infamous traveling salesman.

53 Outpost - Many people would think this episode is nothing special. I think it’s a pretty nice vehicle for Juliet Mills.

55 Small Blessings - Hilarious episode with Julie Brown (of MTV’s Just Say Julie fame)

56 A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites - Nice little nail biter with Matt LeBlanc and Wil Wheaton