There has been 100 years of cinema....50 years of television...and yet there are still more quality radio show episodes than both combined. It’s amazing how everyone is clammering about “When is it coming out on DVD?” when radio shows have barely even been released on CD. And most the time they are individual episodes and not complete seasons/series.

Luckily, there are dedicated people who have kept the spirit of radio shows alive. Not only through informative websites but also by distributing the shows via the newsgroup.

Think about average CD holds about 2-3 hours worth of music. In mp3 format, that same CD can hold 50 or more hours worth of radio shows. And if you’re lucky enough to get an Apple iPod which has at least 5 gigs of storage...well...don’t get me started.

And yes, I know many of these shows came out decades before the television shows I’m comparing them to. But, hey...if I reversed the comparison would you understand what I was talking about? Oh...damn...well, okay...just bear with me.

Just like the television page, this one is divided into three sections.

Section One: Shows which I’m currently gathering information on. This probably means I haven’t seen enough of the shows yet to review them.

Section Two: Shows which are next to research. If you know of any good sources of information on these series then please let me know.

Second Three: A VERY long list of programs I’ll probably never get to. Either they’re too old, too obscure or just haven’t caught my eye enough to move them up.

Section One

Bradbury Thirteen - These thirteen stories are Bradbury standards expertly reinacted. There’s also a fourteen episode which consists of an interview with the author.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Truly astounding hour long dramas. Starting in 1974, this series through 1982 and had a total of 1400 shows. (yes, 1400!) Several well known television , broadway, and movie stars lent their voices to these radio plays including Agnes Moorehead, Fred Gwynne, Tony Roberts, John Lithgow, and Kier Dullea to name a few.

Lights Out, Everybody / Drop Dead - The Twilight Zone of radio. Incredibly intricate stories beautifully told. Creator Arch Obler won several awards, including at least one Peobody. Anyone who has cherished and respected Rod Serling’s work owe it to themselves to hear this series.

LUX - The Cliff Notes of radio programs. One wonders if teachers ever assigned these to their class. And just like CBSRMT, a massive amount of episodes were created. From 1934 to 1955 there were 927 broadcasts.

Section Two

2000 Plus
Arch Obolers Plays
Arthur C. Clarke's World of Science Fiction
Before The Screaming Begins
Beyond Midnight
Beyond This World
Beyond Tomorrow
Black Book
Box 13
Dark Fantasy
Devil & Mr.O
Five Minute Mysteries

Hall Of Fantasy
Haunting Hour
Hermits Cave
Hour Of Mystery
Inner Sanctum
KIIS Hall of Horrors
Murder At Midnight
Mysterious Traveler
Mystery House
Mystery In The Air
Presenting Boris Karloff
Price Of Fear
Quiet Please
Ray Bradbury Theater
Sealed Book
Starring Boris Karloff
Stay Tuned For Terror
Tales From The Other Side
Weird Circle
Witches Tale

Section Three

Aliens in the Mind
Campbell Playhouse
CBS Radio Workshop
Columbia Workshop
Crime Classics
Crime Club
Crime Does Not Pay
Damon Runyon Theater
Dangerously Yours
Electric Hour
Encore Theater
Every Man's Theater
Family Theater
Favorite Story
Ford Theater
Free World Theater
Front and Center
Future Tense
General Electric Theater
Great Moments From Great Plays
Great Plays
Gulf Screen Guild Theater
Hallmark Hall of Fame
Hallmark Playhouse
Hallmark Reader's Digest
Hollywood Sound Stage
Hollywood Star Playhouse
Hollywood Star Time
I Love Adventure
Knickerbocker Playhouse
Leather Stocking Tales
Matinee Theater
Mercury Theater
MGM Theater Of The Air
Molle' Mystery Theater
Mutual Radio Theater
Mystery Theater
NBC Radio Theater
NBC Short Story
NBC Star Playhouse
NBC University Theater
On Stage
Packard Summer Hour
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater
Paul Whiteman Presents
Philco Radio Hall Of Fame
Philco Radio Playhouse
Plays for Americans
Presenting Charles Boyer
Prudential Family Hour Of Stars
Radio City Playhouse
Radio Hall Of Fame
Radio Reader's Digest
Rogue's Gallery
Screen Director's Playhouse
Screen Guild Theater
Sealtest Variety Theater
Sears Mutual Radio Theater
Short Story
Silver Theater
Somerset Maugham Theater
Studio One
Texaco Star Theater
Theater Five
Theater Guild On The Air
Theater Of Romance
Theater U.S.A.
Tower Playhouse
WOR Summer Theater
Your Radio Theater