Dimension X - This was the first serious science fiction series to hit the airwaves. It was the precursor to X-Minus One so many of it’s stories were later redone.

XM means you need to look in the X-Minus One section for a review.

REMAKE means it was a previous story done with a different cast.

01 The Outer Limit - XM

02 With Folded Hands - A salesman tries to find out why his robot sales are down. It seems there’s a new model on the market and they're a persistant lot. The salesmen's wife takes in a border to make ends meet. And this tenant knows all too well how imperfect a perfect robot can be. (May have been a partial inspiration for The Outer Limits (1995) episode “Family Values”.)

03 Report On The Barnhouse Effect - A professor who has had telekinesis for years decides to finally confide in a collegue and offer his services to the government. Of course, the professor and the military have different ideas on what ‘services’ should be provided.

04 No Contact - XM
05 Knock - XM
06 Almost Human - XM

07 - The Lost Race - A stranded crew investigate the ruins of a self-destructed civilization. (May have been a partial inspiration for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Contagion".)

08 - To The Future - XM
09 - The Embassy - XM
10 - The Green Hills Of Earth - XM
11 - There Will Come Soft Rains / Zero Hour - XM

12 - Destination Moon - In order to win a space race, airforce pilots disobey orders and launch themselves toward the moon. [GOOF: One of the men claims the planet moon on behalf of the United States. If they’re part of a space program they should know the moon isn’t a planet.] [Aired 06-24-50. 22 minutes into the broacast the show is interupted with a news bulletin. North Korea formally declared war on South Korea and the U.S. holds Russia responsible.]

13 - A Logic Named Joe - XM
14 - Mars is Heaven - XM
15 - The Man in the Moon - XM

16 - Beyond Infinity - A scientist invents a shrinking ray in order to aid a revolution against an oppressive government.

17 - Potters of Firsk - Aliens use a special ingredient to make their wares.

18 - Perigi’s Wonderful Dolls - XM
19 - The Castaways - XM

20 - The Martian Chronicals - A series of short connected stories based on the works of Ray Bradbury.

21 - The Parade - XM
22 - The Roads Must Roll - XM
23 - Contact - XM
24 - Tomorrow - XM
25 - Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanatorium - XM
26 - And The Moon Be Still As Bright - XM
27 - No Contact - XM

28 - The Professor Was A Thief - A newspaper editor is forced to retire after Grants Tomb disappears...and then reappears just as mysteriously.

29 - Shanghaied - XM

30 - Competition - Spaceship passengers are led to believe they are going to different destinations. They’re really going to the same place whether they like it or not. After being dumped, a woman is being forced to do something...but she’s not sure what or why. [First part of story is interesting look into corporate greed.]

31- Universe - XM
32 - The Green Hills Of Earth - XM
33 - Mars is Heaven - XM
34 - The Martian Death March - XM

35 - The Last Objective - A war torn Earth now fights its battles underground. [Interesting banter...“You live on nicotine?” “Tobacco is necessary to me” Seems that even in 1951 they knew the addictive qualities of cigarettes.]

36 - Nightmare - XM

37 - A Pebble In The Sky - In a distant radioactive future, an alien scientist tries to prove that life existed on Earth much earlier than anyone is willing to admit.

38 - Child’s Play - XM
39 - Time and Time Again - XM
40 - Dwellers In Silence - XM
41 - Courtesy - XM
42- Universe - XM
43 - The Veldt - XM
44 - The Vital Factor - XM

45 - Untitled Story - A private detective is hired to find out who sold the mayor something which will supposedly cure his terminal disease. [A man tries to find an elixir of life who also has a pet named Jocko? Michael Jackson deja vu?]

46 - Marionettes Inc. - XM
47 - First Contact - XM

48 - Kaleidoscope - During a space race to Venus, a captain risks his ship and crew. After an accident, only three men in space suits survive...and they’re each being propelled in a different direction.

49 - Requiem - XM
50 - Nightfall - XM

X-Minus One - The Outer Limits of radio. Smart stories without being smug, this science fiction series brought us several memerable episodes.