The above is a comment I made on IRC one day.

The conversation was about the current Twilight Zone series and how bad it was. I stated they did have one or two stories which were okay but I agreed the quality wasn’t as good as it could be. Well, sure enough the conversation then shifted to anthology series in general. Comments like the following were bandied about...

“The original Twilight Zone was good.”

“Wasn’t there another program that was longer? Had more scientific stuff on it.”
“Doesn’t matter. All short stories suck. They should just make them two or three parters so they can do them right.”

“The only reason they have shows like is so that they can use scripts that they already bought but couldn’t make movies out of or stuff they got cheap from people who haven’t sold a book in 50 years. Like the guy that wrote that Tom Cruise movie.”


Anyway, my quote came after a few more ramblings. And I decided to make a site to show off my quote. There, you’ve read it. Thanks for stopping by.
Huh? Oh...yeah. The stuff to the left.
Okay...if there’s going to be more to this site then I guess the best way to answer any questions is to make an FAQ.

Geeze, you’re in a hurry. What’s the first question?

Q: What’s the stuff at the left?
A: Boy, didn’t see that one coming.

The menu is divided up into different categories. Clicking on a catagory button will give you a general overview and what information has been updated. Below each button are subcatagories which can also be selected.

Q: Then why list the stuff you haven't done yet?
A: Because this way people can be reminded about the series and do their own research if they’re tired of waiting for mine.

Q: ‘Your’ research? Seems there’s a lot of links for other people’s sites.
A: Why reinvent the wheel? If someone already has a kick-ass site made for a series why go to the trouble to make your own? I think it’s a better use of my time to give pertinent information which may not already be available on the web.

Q: You said the the ‘a’ word. You know...posterior...
You’re worried that I said ‘ass’ and don’t mention that I said ‘suck’? And by the way that’s not a question.

Q: Will this site set off Net Nanny?
Net Nanny’s the Devil’s Nyquil. Now get back to the menu.

Q: Why are some programs grouped together?
A: Usually that means I haven’t seen enough episodes to give a good rundown of the series. As I see more, I may split them off into their own pages. They may also have some connection with one another.

Q: Are the episodes labeled classic really that good?
YES! They are the ones that stick in a lot of people’s minds and in many cases have won awards. It’s a way for me to tell people that even if they don’t think they’ll like a certain series at least take a look at those particular episodes.

Q: I understand all the categories except Honorable Mention. None of the stuff listed is anthology related. Why?
Because there’s some extra stuff I thought you’d might like to know about. Remember, vanity is the old spice of life. Wait...that’s not right...

Q: Can I send you information and suggestions?

Q: Will you write back?

Q: Can I send you a picture?
Screen clips? Sure as long as you don’t send more than three at a time and ask first.

Q: No, I meant of myself.
Maybe Net Nanny isn’t a bad idea. Any more questions?

Q: I don’t know anyone in your Hall of Fame. Does that make me lame?
No, wanting to send me your picture makes you lame.

Q: Do you have videos of all the stuff listed?
No, but I’d like to. :) Check my tape trading list under Links to see what I have.

Q: What is the green buttons for?
A: You mean this one? By clicking it you'll get a new window connecting you to a fan site. More than one button? More than one site.

Q: This isn’t a very informative FAQ. The site looks very professional and yet you have a strangely juvenile way of providing info. Is this what we can expect throughout the site?

Q: Then why even make one?
Didn't you read everything above? I made the site so you could read my quote. Anything else is just extra crap that got included when I defragged the hard drive.

Q: So you’re really not going to explain anything else?
Well, if I did...I’d have to make it a three parter.