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Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction (Magazine) - Is it just me, or is the antique dealer idea used a lot in anthologies? Here we have a polite older gentlemen who has no hesitation in showing his customers 'slow glass'. (Amazing stuff slow glass. It acts like a videotape recorder. Lights goes in and gets trapped. Keep the large shards covered into your ready for viewing.) Unfortunately, as the shop owner always comments, everyone wants to see slow glass but no one ever wants to make a purchase. Who would after the stories they've seen. [Note: Unfortunately, they decided to do a story on who the antique dealer actually was. It's one of the few cases when it was better not to know such things.]

Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction #2
"War Toy" - Creative Team: Tony Isabella, George Perez, Rico Rival - Out of all the original stories, this one above all others stands out. A beautifully intricate study of a military robot which learns loyalty and loss like any other soldier. It has the smarts of Asimov, the sentimentality of Bradbury, and a social conscience all its own. It amazes me that no one has thought to make this story into a motion picture.