Movies connected to produced television series are listed with the series.

Haven't Seen Yet - Campfire Stories, Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors

Aria - This ambitious movie gave its directors only one guideline. You have to start and end with the same man in a suit and a hat. Sound confusing? So were audiences. You’ve probably seen ever single actor in this movie in better stuff. You’ll either like this movie or hate it. Is it worth a video rental? I’d say yeah because it’s always nice to see Buck Henry.

Asylum (aka House of Crazies) - What Illustrated Man does to Ray Bradbury’s work, this movie does for Robert Bloch. Robert Powell plays a man looking into the residents of an institution for the criminally insane. Each of the stories stand on their own while the overall wraparound story slips slightly near the end.

Cat’s Eyes - A collection of Stephen King stories which just didn’t translate very well. While seeing this at the theater I kept wanting to say, “Bring back the cat!” (Referring to the tabby which connects all of the stories.)

Chain of Desires - An intersting adult oriented movie about the sexual escapades of a few connected people. (Sort of like an erotic six degrees of separation.) One certain story is about a man who likes standing in front of a window. This is especially interesting when you consider what the actor is most famous for. (Do a little cross checking in the IMDB and find out for yourself.)

Company of Wolves - Angela Lansbury weaves her mean tales to a little girl who doesn’t understand that wolves are all around us. Many touted this movie as being the best thing to come out of England since Hammer Films. Well, it’s not that good. But it does have some shining moments and the special effects are top notch.

Creepshow - Tales scripted by Stephen King (who appears in one of them) fit well into George Romero’s homage to EC Comics. I remember hiding my eyes on more than one occasion when I originally saw this in the theater. (And if you must know I was 17 at the time.)

Creepshow 2 - Dissapointing sequel. The material just isn’t as good. One special note...”The Raft” was an original Stephen King story which was first published in an issue of The Twilight Zone Magazine.

Dead of Night - Nice British thriller centering on a group of people meeting at a cottage and exchanging stories. One centers on a ventriloquist that’s just plain creepy. If you were freaked by The Twilight Zone episode 098 “The Dummy” haven’t seen anything yet.

Deadtime Stories - Would you believe the best part of this movie is the theme song?

Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors - Peter Cushing does tarot readings for five men on a train? Why do I have a feeling that fuzzy bunnies and dancing, happy gnomes weren’t mentioned. This movie has an ending that sticks with you.

From Beyond the Grave - Peter Cushing sells antiques at a cost. May have been the inspiration for Friday the 13th: The Series. One of the few anthology movies where all the stories are good enough to stand on their own.

Heavy Metal - May have been the first world wide animated feature. With a great soundtrack, this flick tells several stories which are connected by an eternal evil. Took FOREVER before it was finally released to video due to copyright problems with the music.

Illustrated Man - Probably the most critically acclaimed anthology movie ever. Rod Steiger is the man cursed with tattoos that tell the tales. (Sorry, 'skin illustrations'.) This movie is rarely shown on television. And even when it is, it’s either severely cut up and shown over 3 hours, on at the wee hours of the morning, or both. Based on stories by Ray Bradbury.

The Letters - Nice little 1970’s movie (which may have been a pilot) about a postman who delivers several letters a year after they were mailed.

Monster Club - A writer gets an earful from a man at a most interesting nightclub. Rubber masks galore in this schlocky vehicle for Vincent Price and John Carradine. Luckily, two of the three stories are better than the wrap-around one.

Movie, Movie - George Burns hosts two stories which are a homage to pre-WWII double features. Early Harry Hamlin vehicle.

Night Train to Terror - Familiar crappy 80’s horror movie. None of the stories are really that involving. The wraparound doesn’t even have anything to do with the stories told.

Nightmares - Unfortunately, disappointing collection of stories which had a great teaser. Originally made for television, one wonders who thought this would be better suited on the big screen.

The Offspring (aka From A Whisper To A Scream) - Vincent Price tells us all about the goings on in his sleepy little town..........................................oops. Sorry, fell asleep.
Quicksilver Highway - Possibly a pilot which consists of two stories. One written by Clive Barker and the other by Stephen King. Not bad, and Christopher Lloyd is great as the traveling showman.

Shadow Zone - As far as I know there was only two movies in this series. Both were very well done and well worth seeing if you liked the stories from Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Two movies were titled The Undead Express and My Teacher Ate My Homework.

Tales From The Crypt - Great interpretations of EC Comic book stories. (Far superior to the HBO series versions of the same stories.) Isn’t it interesting that a British production company thought enough to do a movie about this American comic book series?

Tales From The Hood - Amazingly good stories told from an African-American perspective. Clarence Williams III is hilariously creepy as a mortician who spins his tales for a trio of gang members. Well worth seeing! (Especially if you’re a fan of Trilogy of Terror’s little devil doll.)

Tales of Terror - Richard Matheson spinning Edgar Allen Poe stories starring Vincent Price and Peter Lorre? Sounds good to me.

Terror Tract - John Ritter plays a man trying to sell a house in a non-conventional neighborhood. But for some reason each house as a grisly story connected to it. Nothing new or exciting here, but Ratters wraparound story is nice.

Torture Garden - Another Robert Bloch vehicle with Bergess Meredith as your tale spinner. Nicely done but doesn't have the zing of From Beyond The Grave.

Trilogy of Terror - What an anthology movie should be! Karen Black is excellent in all three stories. But most just want to talk about the devil doll.

Trilogy of Terror II (1998)- Disappointing sequel. But the devil doll is back, so that’s sort of a good thing. Too bad even that story lacked originality.

Twice Told Tales - Vincent Price in three stories most of us have heard before. Not bad, I remember seeing this in junior high. (Which means it’s a horror movie safe enough to show teens.) Also includes Ghost Story host Sebastian Cabbot.

Twilight Zone - Great update of several stories from the series. John Lithgow steals the show as a man who is sure there’s something on the airplanes wing. (Unfortunately, tragedy befell Vic Morrow and two children who died during the filming of a scene.)

Two Fisted Tales - This was a pilot for a series made in the vein of Tales from the Crypt. It didn't really live up to the source material. Both stories, "Yellow" and "King Of The Road", were then made part of the Tales From The Crypt series. .

Vault of Horror - Tales from the Crypt sequel which has just as much bite as the original. (pun intended) Well worth seeing as a double feature.

Vault of Horror (1994) - I didn't see this and I can't find any real information about this movie. Any ideas?

W.E.I.R.D. World - May have been a pilot. Ed O’Neill plays the head of a top secret research facility where free reign is giving to their employees. Amazing that this wasn’t made into a series. Very original and O’Neill plays the strange, quirky boss we all wish we had.